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Concrete is one of the most used construction materials in the world and dates back as far as 5600 BC! But what makes concrete such a great material to use? In this blog, you will find the key benefits to concrete and why you see it everywhere you go!


Concrete is extremely versatile as it can be re-used in many ways from converting a rarely used area into a focal point. It’s a great material to use in homes as the base building material since it is highly durable, fire-resistant, and can be molded to any shape. By using concrete, the possibilities of your project are endless!

Dampens Sound

Concrete walls are often used and designed to reflect noise towards the source. As an excellent absorber of energy, concrete is able to dampen sounds straight from the sound source. By installing concrete walls or barriers in loud areas, you can reduce the sound emitted and create a quieter area.

Choices and Flexibility

It’s always nice to have a variety of options when creating something that is long-lasting. With concrete, you have the choices and flexibility to add colour to your project and bring your vision to life. Toronto Redimix is proud to offer over 30 colour options of our coloured concrete! Visit for a full list of our coloured concrete options. Along with many colour options, you can also add in water reducers, retarders (to reduce the time in the setting of concrete), accelerators (to increase the time in the setting of concrete), amongst other choices. A full list of value-added products for concrete can be found at (

Fire Retardant

Looking at what’s inside concrete – cement, air, water, sand , and gravel – you can determine exactly why concrete is so strong and resistant to fire. Due to these components, concrete has a slow rate of heat transfer allowing it to act as a fire shield. By trapping heat and being fire-resistant, concrete is a great choice for many construction projects.


Concrete is able to withstand the natural elements with minimal maintenance due to its robust properties. Buildings and projects that use concrete often require less construction in the long run because of its durability. If the life of a building or project made with concrete does come to an end, the concrete can be crushed, recycled, and reused!


We hope you learned a thing or two and are now able to see the importance of concrete in our world. If you have any questions about concrete, you can contact Toronto Redimix at 416.798.7060 or at!