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When you see a beautifully landscaped park, or an elegant custom built home or a safe snow-free property in winter, chances are you’re looking at the handiwork of the G&L Group of Companies. For over 50 years, the G&L Group has been supplying the materials, manpower and technology needed for building vibrant communities. Today, we proudly serve the construction, landscape and contracting industries with a variety of raw products and related services. Built on a solid foundation of quality and service excellence, we continue to meet and exceed client expectations, while moving forward with innovative products and services. Our goal is simple – to serve our clients with a passion for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We welcome you to the G&L Group ... to learn more about each of our individual companies ... to experience our vision ... to understand our values, and ... to join us in building and growing our communities.


To be the leader in the supply of quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional service to the construction, landscape and contracting industries. We are committed to growth by creating partnerships that contribute to the success of our customers, suppliers and the entire G&L Group team.


A composite construction material, concrete is the building block of our urban landscape. From architectural structures and foundations, pavements and bridges, runways and parking structures, concrete has become the backbone of our nation’s framework. At G&L, we are committed to being part of what keeps that backbone thriving.

For over fifty years, G&L has been one of the largest suppliers of quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional service to Ontario’s leading companies and communities. Our roots were first planted by a young Italian couple looking to make their mark in a burgeoning city. Operating out of a small property in Thornhill, Ontario, Joe and Lucy Lamanna delivered concrete and stone using a single truck.

As the years passed and the business grew, partnerships were made. Together with Tony Pellegrini they established Toronto’s preferred ready-mix supplier and the largest and most technologically advanced independent supplier in Ontario, Toronto Redimix.

Continuing to serve the construction, landscape and contracting industries, G&L expanded, adding Draglam Salt, Brock Aggregates, Earthco Soil Mixtures, New Century Homes, Devils Den Golf Course and Draglam Waste & Recycling to the ‘mix’. With the added support and vision of Joe and Lucy’s son and son-in-law, Pat Lamanna and Robert Zanetti, each new venture helped to further establish G&L as Ontario’s premier source and supplier in constructing and creating dynamic communities.

Innovative, strategic, superior. Our group of companies not only offer services but also solutions to better communities and enrich our country. With over 300 employees and 20 locations across the province, G&L, like the concrete it produces, is at the foundation of every great community.