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If you haven’t already read our last Earthco blog, check out or latest post on Toronto’s oasis within the city, Evergreen Brick Works. Earthco’s material donations have been used in building and sustaining the Children’s Garden, a place where kids can play and learn about nature. In addition to the soil, mulch, and compost donations, Brock Aggregates has also been doing its part by donating river stone and sand for this unique playground. The Children’s Garden offers kids a multisensory experience and the freedom to explore, build, and play with the natural elements, but how do the kids directly benefit?

Heidi Campbell, Senior Designer, Learning Grounds, gives details on the top 3 values that the Children’s Garden teaches our kids. 

1. Imagination & Creativity

Children's Garden (Photo Credit: Evergreen Brick Works)                                
The Children's Garden in Chimney Court is designed to activate the imaginations of children, inviting them to engage in open-ended play that encourages creative thinking and cognitive development.

2. Problem Solving & Team Building Skills

Children's Garden (Photo Credit: Evergreen Brick Works)
In the Children’s Garden, kids have the freedom to be the architects of their environment, and the opportunity to work together to invent and build using their own creativity and problem-solving skills, all while developing an appreciation for the natural world.

3. Appreciation for the Natural World

Children's Garden (Photo Credit: Evergreen Brick Works)
Children learn that they are a part of nature. They learn empathy, trust, and to care and respect themselves, others and the natural world.

This one-of-a-kind playground learning experience is achieved thanks to the smart design of the playground. As Heidi Campbell explains, “The Children’s Garden at Evergreen Brick Works has a natural feel that doesn’t necessarily look like a designed space, however it is in fact an intentionally-designed landscape that incorporates best practices and innovative approaches to whole child development. Every mound of dirt, every rock has been incorporated into the space with the intention of inspiring children to re-connect with nature. The landscapes you see in the Children’s Garden at Evergreen Brick Works are in many ways shaped by G&L Group’s support through in-kind donations”.

The G&L Group could not be prouder to see the positive results of our donations! For more information on Evergreen Brick Works and to learn how you can contribute to a green space for our community, click here.
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Cover Photo Credit: Evergreen Brick Works